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Real Wedding: Virginia and Tony's Romantic Gervasi Vineyard Wedding

This romantic wedding at one of Northeast Ohio's most picturesque vineyards glows with the most beautiful light.

From the bride, Virginia:

Our wedding day was literally a dream come true. Tony and I had been together for 11 years prior to getting married, so I had many years to think about how I wanted this day to go, and I can truly say it was the best day of our life. I was sure that I wanted everything to be as relaxed and go as smooth as possible, especially after a year and a half of planning and knowing myself and that leading up to it, I would be completely stressed out. To help with this, I chose a location where we could not only make a weekend getaway out of it by having us all arrive and settled in by late Friday afternoon. I also chose a venue where we could have the ceremony and reception at the same location, to minimize moving from place to place between the day's events. I knew I wanted to get married at Gervasi as soon as I saw it, since not only have I always wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but the grounds there are stunning, and it's at a winery which seemed so romanic to me. The venue is where all my inspiration for everything else stemmed from. I wanted everything to look whimsical yet classy, and feel as romanic as I did about the whole occasion.

My favorite part of the day was Tony and my first look. I'd waited so long for the day to come and pictured the moment we would see each other so many times, and it was even more magical that I could have imagined. Tony has never been one to cry, I think maybe once in our entire 11 years together, and this moment had him just as emotional as I was (which was very emotional). It was private, personal, and extremely comforting to be able to hug and kiss him as soon as I saw him. Initially Tony was against doing a first look, but in the end was very happy we went through with it. For us I think we needed it, since even with seeing each other before the ceremony, we were still both shedding tears as I walked down the aisle, so I'd have been a bawling mess had I not seen him beforehand.


Hairstylist: Blushing Beauty

Makeup: Ashley Matho

Dress Bodice: BHLDN

Dress Skirt: Carol Hannah "Azurite," from Something White, A Bridal Boutique

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