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5 Steps to a Clean Wedding Gown

Step One: Find your gown at Something White!

Step two: Get married!

(Photo by Lauren Gabrielle, via)

Step three: Have fun in your gown!

(Photo by Scott Shaw Photographer, via)

Step four: Give your gown one final send-off!

(Photo by Renee Lemaire Photography, via)

Step five: Bring your gown back to Something White for cleaning and preservation!

(Photo by Sabrina Hall Photography, via)

There's no reason to keep your beautiful gown crumpled in the back of the closet anymore! The process is so easy. Just make a "gown cleaning" appointment through the Something White website and bring your dress to the shop. During your 20 minute appointment, we will review your gown to make note of any stains. Then we send your gown to be cleaned and preserved, and it will be shipped back directly to you in 2-10 weeks. Easy as pie!

Use coupon code BLOG to get $25 off gown cleaning and preservation!

Enter the code when you schedule your appointment at

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