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5 Favorite Pins Right Now

Pinterest is one of our favorite places to find and share wedding inspiration from some of Northeast Ohio's most amazing wedding vendors. Be sure to follow along with Something White on Pinterest! Here's what we've been pinning lately...

We were on Oak & Honey's blog sharing some tips for taking the stress out of wedding dress shopping. #1 tip -- have fun! Photo of Something White, A Bridal Boutique by Hunter Photographic. (See the pin)

We were also on discussing the latest wedding dress trends! Photo by Hunter Photographic. (See the pin)

These bright pink bouquets by Fair Rarity are so much fun! (See the pin)

Wow, this blue, geode-inspired cake by Luna Bakery is incredible and so unique. Photo by Aster & Olive. (See the pin)

These metallic bridesmaids' dresses photographed by Lauren Gabrielle are super glamorous, and we can imagine something similar being perfect for lots of downtown Cleveland wedding venues, like the Hyatt Arcade and Silver Grille. (See the pin)

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