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Cleveland Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Something New Entertainment

Today, get to know Anna-Jeannine Herman, Social Butterfly, Headline Entertainer, Creative Director, and Talent Manager of Something New Entertainment!

* Please tell us about Something New Entertainment and what services you offer...

Something New Entertainment is a couture entertainment boutique that exclusively serves wedding clients. We are the only company in the area certified to offer Wedding Entertainment Direction®. We also offer DJ and MC services, as well as lighting design, sound design, and officiant services. We serve wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsals, and more.

*Please tell us about yourself...

I am originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. My background is in theatrical design, performance, and production. I have worked extensively onstage and off stage as an actor, writer, singer, dancer, musician, designer, technician, and manager, at one time or another. Now, as a Wedding Entertainment Director®, I get to help brides and grooms in a unique way that is a little bit of all of those things!

(Photo by Cavanaugh Photography)

*How did you get started in this industry / how did Something New Entertainment get started?

I "married in" to the industry, but I can't imagine a better career match for my unique set of skills and interests. I became involved in the company (and with my husband) while in graduate school, and I guided the small, family-founded company through a rebrand really as a favor to my then-boyfriend. As time went on, I started to take over more and more aspects of management and guidance of Something New Entertainment. One day, a few years, later, one of our crew members called me "Boss," and I thought... "yeah... I am the boss, I guess."

(Photo by Hunter Photographic)

*Does Something New Entertainment have a specialty?

We exclusively serve wedding clients. Having found that the specific needs of a bride or groom are very different from the needs of any other kind of party host/honoree, we have tailored our entire approach to planning to cater to those needs in a way that helps them to express their love to each other and to those who they hold most dear on one of the most memorable days of their lives. We emphasize several key markers of success, including Comprehensive Personalization, Creative Involvement, Event Direction, Talented Spokesperson, Music Programming, Appropriate Presentation, and Quality Amplification.

* What do you love about your job and the wedding industry?

I love using my talents to help people take a happy day and transform it into something that is exceptionally memorable. I get to work with such varied projects. I see into people's dreams and get to help them realize their visions. The "perfect" wedding can be beautiful in an infinite number of different manifestations, depending on the dreamer!

(Photo by Ben and Jodi Photography)

Thank you so much Anna-Jeannine for introducing yourself to us and our readers!

Check out Something New Entertainment at!


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