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Cleveland Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals

Today we are interviewing Ann King, owner of Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals.

* Please tell us about Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals and what services you offer...

Borrow Rentals loves design. Our rental house is filled with unique items found and made in and around Northeast Ohio. We support local. We love to up-cycle. We believe every rental deserves an awesome story that starts in CLE. Along with event rentals, we offer prop rental along with event design and styling.

*Please tell us about yourself...

I grew up in CLE. I am a momma bear to 2 beautiful kids and wifey to a great husband, father and business partner. I chose to move back to Cleveland after years in Florida as I missed this wonderful midwest city and of course the seasons. It’s also a wonderful place to start a business! I am a furniture and poetry geek. (Poetry was my major at Miami U.) I love what I do and the Borrow team!

*How did you get started in this industry / how did Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals get started?

Borrow got started like any other woman-owned small business: after a bottle of wine with a great friend. This friend also happens to be a fabulous entrepreneur, wedding industry leader and business consultant out of L.A. She was listening to my business plan about opening a new shop in CLE offering locally made furniture and accessories. She asked me to reconsider and think about rentals instead. As I re-worked my business plan, I realized what a great fit it would be and how badly Cleveland needed this kind of rental company.

*Does Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals have a specialty?

Borrow’s specialty are our tables, chairs and upholstery. The tables are up-cycled and stamped with the address of where the wood came from. We are the only company in the midwest to offer the two chair options we have in stock; a classic Bentwood Chair along with our Teak Wood Folding Chairs. Our upholstery, our antiques and vintage pieces we have restored with love. Everything is unique and can only be found at Borrow.

* What do you love about your job and the wedding industry?

What I love most about my job is working with such wonderful people and their families. Borrow’s favorite client is one who values their family and friends along with unique and high quality rentals! We understand this can be a stressful and busy time in a bride’s life and we love pointing them in the right direction to create a beautiful story for their very special day. I also have to say I love “the hunt” for our inventory as well. It is a furniture geek's playground!

Thank you so much Ann for introducing yourself to us and our readers! We're so excited to see Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals at the 2016 Boutique Bridal Bazaar on January 17!

Check out Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals at!

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