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Meet the Boutique Bridal Bazaar Vendors: Photographers

Something White's Boutique Bridal Bazaar is the perfect opportunity to get to know some of Northeast Ohio's most unique, talented and cutting-edge wedding vendors. From photographers to event planners to bakers and florists and so much more, the vendors at the BBB represent the best of the best!

Here are the photographers you can expect to meet at the fifth annual Boutique Bridal Bazaar, January 17, 2016 from 2-6 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade!

Aster + Olive Photography -- -- We're visual story tellers that like to combine the timeless very real moments of your wedding day with a unique artistic perspective.

(Photo by Aster + Olive, via)

Cannon Candids Photography -- -- We are a husband and wife photography team dedicated to giving our couples not only images of their beautiful day but also providing them with an overall fun experience! Our most current work can be found on our blog at We are currently in the process of a large re-brand as well as a name change. We are thrilled about the plans that are currently in place and can't wait to release them before the end of the year!

(Photo by Cannon Candids Photography, via)

Dovetale Photography -- -- An element used in carpentry for centuries, a dovetail joint is formed by atenon + mortis intersecting to create a solid bond. A dovetail presents a lovely metaphor for two lives that are only made stronger and more complete when brought together. Your wedding day is not merely a date on a calendar. It is a celebration of love found, a promise made + a future dreamt. Dovetale Photography goes beyond simply documenting the events of your wedding day by capturing the essence and personality that is uniquely yours: the tale of you.

(Photo by Dovetale Photography, via)

Mann & Wife Photography -- -- We are a wife and husband photography team specializing in visual storytelling for the modern bride, located in Kent but providing wedding photography to all of NE Ohio and beyond.

(Photo by Mann & Wife Photography, via)

Sarah Renee Studios -- -- I am a Cleveland wedding photographer that specializes in natural light photography as well as film and digital photography. I love to work with clients with weddings that include and show off their personality and incorporate handmade or DIY, or vintage pieces.

(Photo by Sarah Renee Studios, via)

Suzuran Photography -- -- We are a wife and husband photography team of wedding storytellers who love to shoot in Cleveland and beyond.

(Photo by Suzuran Photography, via)

Get your tickets NOW for Something White's Boutique Bridal Bazaar to meet these vendors and SO many more!

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