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5 Favorite Blush Wedding Gowns

Blush wedding gowns have been rising in popularity in recent years, for good reason. The universally flattering shade of soft peachy pink is a fun alternative to the traditional white gown, and with a wide variety of styles available, from whimsical to preppy and edgy to classic, there's a blush gown for every bride. Here are five of our favorite blush wedding gowns... all available at Something White!

1. Christos, "Mia" -- The delicate blush color of this gown is so feminine paired with an illusion lace bodice, creating a romantic gown that seems to almost float down the aisle.

2. Carol Hannah, "Kensington" skirt -- A flowing, draped, full skirt in a beautiful shade of blush, this is a very flattering -- and fun -- skirt to wear.

3. Ivy and Aster, "Duchess" -- The shade of subtle, peachy blush on this gown is beautiful along with the very flattering pleated bodice.

4. Amy Kuschel, "Lennon" -- In a classic silhouette but a not-so-classic fabric, the subtle shade of blush on this gown still looks "bridal" and not at all "evening."

5. Lela Rose, "The Mountain" -- Shades of blush and ivory in the brocade fabric seem ill-suited to a wedding gown, but somehow everything works together to create a gown that is perfectly suited for a bride.

See a gown you like? Schedule an appointment today at Something White.

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